Game Fishing


Escape the ordinary! Private charters offer stunning waters, prized game fish and the chance to unwind. Half-day trips include snorkelling and drinks. Full-day adventures add lunch on board!

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving


Experience beginner-friendly scuba diving with personalised instruction and complimentary underwater photos, suitable for ages 8 and up.




Discover hidden underwater marvels on a chartered snorkelling adventure with complimentary refreshments and gear included.




Soar like a bird with the parasailing experience, offering an exhilarating aerial view of deep blue waters and lush rainforest.

Excited riders on a banana boat whipped by a speedboat.

Banana Boat Riding


Laugh and splash on a thrilling banana boat ride, perfect for families and groups seeking a fun-filled adventure on the water.

Two people sea walking among tropical fish and coral.

Sea Walking


Stroll beneath the waves with the unique Sea Walking experience, a comfortable dive alternative that lets you wander amidst corals with a life guide, no swimming skills required.


Jet Skiing


Feel the rush of speed surrounded by nature as you take the helm of a high-powered Jet Ski at Elephant beach.

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